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Aeskulap is a free software application designed for medical specialists. It helps them open, browse, examine and search patient records.
Aeskulap: what it does
The application is a full-featured tool to view, analyse, and filter patient information from DICOM images. It is a part of the DICOM4NET project by the same name and developed by Maximilian Pohl. Aeskulap allows you to view a patient’s image data and check his personal information.
Features and usability
Aeskulap can open, view, and export DICOM files. You can browse through the patient’s image series, study, examination and procedure list, exam type, series information, protocol and worklist. You can also compare images with previously viewed ones, analyse their composition and perform dynamic re-slicing of images. The software tool also allows you to study an X-ray image by applying a series of filters.
The program supports all major DICOM protocols and data types and is compatible with DICOM 3,4 and 5. You can additionally sort the files by the modality, series, and patient ID, and filter the list by studying patient information, exam type, modality, and report purpose.
Aeskulap also enables you to save data, export images, and view it in other software tools. You can filter the list by the procedure name and assign the selected files to a group, so that you can easily open them in another software tool.
Aeskulap’s interface can be easily navigated, and doesn’t interfere with your work. It doesn’t eat up system resources while running in the background.
How we tested it
We installed and tested Aeskulap on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, Ubuntu 16.04 x64, and Arch Linux x64.
We ran the software utility in an empty folder, as well as in directories with different file formats and image sizes.
We additionally tested the software with multiple DICOM images.
We had some problems with Aeskulap while launching the program. The program froze on a couple of occasions, and this was clearly visible in the taskbar, where the icon of the software utility remained in a red border. It didn’t respond to our clicks, neither when we pressed the OK button nor the close button. After rebooting the computer, the problem didn’t disappear.
The software utility performed

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Aeskulap is a powerful tool to view DICOM images and extract information. It comes packed with a console and a graphical interface that make the tool very simple to use.

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Aeskulap Medical is a medical

Aeskulap (Updated 2022)

Free medical imaging viewer

Aeskulap is a Free program for viewing, searching, and editing DICOM images. It was designed for medical specialists, and requires no administrative privileges.
Aeskulap is the first medical imaging viewer to support 10-bit
color DICOM images. It’s equipped with a simple GUI, and is built
on a clean and stable platform. Aeskulap’s open source code
is under the GPL License.
Its easy-to-use interface allows users to view, search, and
edit DICOM images.
Aeskulap can view and load multiple images simultaneously.
Use the built-in DICOM viewer to view the images.
To search images, use the built-in search dialog box.
Aeskulap is able to search across all images in a directory.
It can search across multiple directories.
Aeskulap’s GUI is built on the GTK+ toolkit. It runs
under most Linux distributions, as well as Windows NT and
What’s new
Aeskulap 2.0 is now available for
download, featuring an entirely new GUI and database
engine. Aeskulap has been thoroughly tested with Ubuntu
and Debian GNU/Linux.
Aeskulap is now a stable program. Aeskulap 1.8.0 is no longer
in active development.
Aeskulap 2.0 can display either 16-bit or 10-bit (JPEG)
color images.
Aeskulap 1.8.0 can display only 8-bit (BMP) color
See the Aeskulap Change Log
for a list of the changes made to the program from 1.8.0 to

1) Install the dsmtktool utility if it is not already installed
2) Download the DSMTK source, the dsmtk libraries and aeskulap
3) Launch aeskulap -A and configure the settings

NOTE: You will need to be in the root directory (or sudo), so
you must first cd to the directory where you downloaded Aeskulap
2) Build Aeskulap
Change to the directory where Aeskulap was downloaded
cd /path/to/Aeskulap

What’s New In?

Aeskulap is a free, open-source application that enables you to view DICOM image files and look up patient information.

Aeskulap is a free, open-source application that enables you to view DICOM image files and look up patient information.
Prerequisite components, console and graphical UI
During the installation step, the tool informs you that it requires the GTK+ 2.10 and gtkmm 2.10 runtime environments installed, and guides you to their online location for download and setup.
As far the interface is concerned, the program runs two separate windows side by side: one represents the graphical frontend, while the other gets launched in a console window. It doesn't put emphasis on the GUI's appearance, preferring to focus on features instead.
View DICOM images, study and search patient details
After opening a DICOM image file, you should be able to view in the main window and enter fullscreen mode. Aeskulap also loads the study list with the patient's personal information, including name, description, modality, date and time, station, and server.
Information can be filtered by name, modality and date, while advanced search operations can be conducted with the study description, patient ID, and station name.
As far program settings are concerned, you can change the local AET server name and port number, switch to another character set, create and manage multiple servers into various groups to easily recall them later, run echo tests, as well as edit the preset modality details and add new entries to the list.
Evaluation and conclusion
The software utility didn't put a strain on the overall performance of the machine in our tests, using a low amount of CPU and memory. On the other hand, it crashed a couple of times while we were tinkering with its interface, and failed in its attempt to open many DICOM images.
We must also take into account that Aeskulap hasn't been updated for a long while, so these compatibility issues are likely to happen. Nevertheless, you can test it for yourself.

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System Requirements For Aeskulap:

CPU: Intel Pentium III Processor, 256 MB RAM
Graphics: Radeon 7500, 128 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 1 GB of free space
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