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Autopano Pro is a powerful and comprehensive tool, which allows you to quickly create panoramic images from multiple source files. It automatically detects the “keypoints” from the source images and finds the best matches in the photos, thus quickly creating high quality panoramas. The program can automatically process hundreds of photos, creating one seamless image in just a few seconds.
An excellent feature of Autopano Pro is the ability to automatically correct any errors that occur during the panorama construction process. You can also easily export the result as an image sequence, TIFF, JPEG or MOV file.








Autopano Description:
Autopano is a fast, easy-to-use, powerful and affordable software to create panoramas from multiple images (in any sizes). It is designed to take advantage of the installed multi-core processor. You can create panoramas using standard image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PNG). Autopano can also rotate images as needed.
You can choose any images (source or target) for creating the panorama, the program will automatically detect the best matches (keypoints) and produce a panoramic photo. And you can also rotate, crop, adjust and add effects to the panorama as needed. You can output the image sequence to various formats (MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI), you can also edit the exported panorama in Photoshop.
Autopano’s designed to be easy to use, with its intuitive interface. It also allows you to customize the settings to your personal preferences.

Photo Editor Description:
Photoscape is an all-in-one image editor with a rich set of professional photo editing tools. You can easily edit, enhance and create your own photos in the way you wish. It also provides a variety of photo effects and enhancements, with a wide selection of more than 1,000 digital images ready to use.
You can easily edit, enhance and create your own photos in the way you wish.
Photo Editor Features:
• Edit and Enhance: Photo Editor offers all the tools you need to create and edit your photos in the way you want, including intuitive editing tools and versatile effects.
• Image Bin: The Photo Editor’s ability to easily create and edit many images from one source file makes the process even simpler. You can edit images individually or apply multiple effects.
• Memories: The Photo

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What’s New In Autopano Pro?

Autopano Giga 'Mac/PC' version brings you the ability of processing gigapixel images up to 300 megapixels, while the 'Mac/PC' version features an intuitive interface.
The program is fairly simple to understand and handle, even for the more inexperienced, enabling you to launch it immediately after installation and begin working with it. However, you will need to explore its various functions and tools before you can produce the results you would like.
Autopano Giga enables you to process images of up to 30 megapixels in a matter of minutes, making it a useful tool for professional and amateur photographers alike, producing professional panoramic photos from a variety of sources.
The program features a lot of powerful tools that help you create the best panoramic photos from your images. After you have selected your source photos, you can choose to auto-crop them, after which it is possible to create a panorama picture from the resulting images by setting the value of the panoramic factor.
You can then click on 'Align and Join' and the program will start generating a panoramic image based on the collected and combined keypoints, capturing even the most complicated structures or objects in the scene.
Autopano Giga allows you to add a 'ghost' image of the source image, meaning you can use it in conjunction with other photos, without losing the spatial quality of the final panoramic image. You can decide whether to use 'Global Align' or 'Auto Align'.
Moreover, you can easily add a 'Grid' in which you can define the location of the panoramic picture, and make it 'White Balance', choose the correct exposure for the final photo, and more.
Autopano Giga also has a 'New Wave' tool that permits you to improve the spatial quality of your panoramic picture, enabling you to create sharper images.
Additionally, the program features a 'Batch Renderer' that enables you to add several projects and generate panoramic pictures in just a few clicks, exporting the results within moments.
To conclude, Autopano Giga is an advanced yet simple utility developed to offer you the ability of generating gigapixel images from multiple sources, resulting in high-quality panoramic photos.
Autopano Giga 'Mac/PC' version enables you to process images of up to 30 megapixels in a matter of minutes, making it a useful tool for professional


System Requirements For Autopano Pro:

OS: Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 7 SP1 (32/64 bit)
CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/ Intel Core 2 Quad/ AMD Athlon X2/ AMD FX CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard disk: 50 GB available space
Graphics card: DirectX 11 support Nvidia Geforce GTX 560/ ATI Radeon HD 5870
DirectX: Version 11
Input device: Keyboard
OS: Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 7



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