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How to Choose Correct Signage for the Outside of your Business

It’s no secret that business owners want to attract attention to their place of business, but what’s the best way?


Well here’s our secret: Lighted Exterior Signs


We produce the highest quality exterior signage that will command attention with their show-stopping design and clarity. You’ll see our premium-quality signs, especially in the northern Atlanta region, specializing in the restaurants, hospitals, and shopping centers.

Before you choose an exterior backlit sign, keep in mind that you’ll need an electrical junction behind the wall or in the ceiling above.

Here are some options that not only do we specialize in- but we recommend:

Monument signs are great products to aid visitors with navigation of your establishment. These signs can direct consumers to the proper areas for their needs, or showcase specific tenants within a business complex. No matter the need you have for a custom monument sign,  it will provide an impression that exceeds expectations!

Non-raceway mounted signs are any signage that is affixed to the building without using the rectangular raceway enclosures that a raceway mounted sign uses. These signs are large and demand attention. They are commonly used to broadcast business name and brand to the community. If you are in need of a sign that will make a powerful visual statement, then a non-raceway mounted sign is a great option for you!

LED signs can bring your business a slew of improvements, from energy-efficiency to a memorable marketing investment. By speaking with our team, we can get an idea of the advertising aspirations of your company, and develop a plan to meet those goals head-on.

A raceway mounted sign is just a modular sign that has its letters adhered to a rectangular enclosure that houses wiring for light emitting diodes. These signs are large, vibrant, and eye-catching! Customize your product with stylized fonts, custom color combinations, and even incorporate your logo for the exposure of your brand to the public.

Roof Signs.

One of the best ways in integrating yourself in the community is with a powerful visual statement that showcases not just your location, but also your business’s aesthetic and brand. Signs that possess this type of high impact imagery will often be illuminated to expand exposure in any setting. A sign that possesses long-lasting appeal, and is weather resistant is a roof sign. These signs are often found on brick buildings and offer a long-range marketing tool that creates a memorable mark in the minds of prospective customers.

Exterior Vertical Signs.

There are many types of exterior signs that can assist in your business’s success, but only a few can inspire the lasting impression that given like that of a vertical sign. These signs are known for being a high impact marketing tool that is often associated with businesses such as barbers, pubs/restaurants. However, these signs can be used for a variety of purposes in any type of business setting!


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