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Earth 3D Space Survey Screensaver 1.01.4 Crack PC/Windows

Have you always wanted to know the story behind the construction of our planet Earth? Now you can read about it in the year 51883, when a group of scientists gathered to survey the stars and take the first ever pictures of our planet Earth. They used a high-powered telescope and an advanced photographic technique, which left no details of our planet invisible. They filled a flat sheet with black and white dots, with the smallest dot representing one square inch of the planet Earth.
As you get mesmerized by the view of this very beautiful photo, a voice of a scientist will speak a few words about that view.
– Free to download, free to use
– A great screensaver to enjoy for several days
– A well crafted photosaver with soothing music
– Once you start the screensaver, the photos are automatically shown in full size
– The photosaver is fully customizable. You can edit, change, remove and add the photos anytime
– A very complete photoalbum, with 3 album categories
– Download photos, videos, music and playlists in high-resolution
– The photosaves will always stay at the top of your PC
– Start anytime, even if you are in the middle of a meeting
– Great quality photosaver, large pictures, each picture is 256×256 pixels
– Photoalbum: Free Installation, Uninstallation, Removal, Configure, Start, Stop, Lock, Unlock, Save, Load
– Playlist: Music, Photos, Videos
– The order of the photos and playlists can be changed
– Select the timezone: (CET/US/CEST)
– Customizable duration
– Slideshow and Photo Album: Home
– You can import photos to be shown as photo album
– You can add as many photos to the photoalbum as you want
– Photoalbum is dynamic, each time you visit the photoalbum you will see updated photos
– Once you visit the photoalbum, you can pause it and browse photos
– Add your favorite photos from Google Photos, iCloud Photos, Flickr, Facebook
– As you like to keep the photoalbum always running, the screensaver will monitor the photoalbum
– View full size photos
– Free updates
– Full Support
– Free

Replay Screen Saver is a screensaver that allows you to capture and save a photo of your screen. Choose from a number of popular screen capture options including Full Screen, Active Window, and Desktop.

Earth 3D Space Survey Screensaver 1.01.4 With Serial Key [Latest]

* Choose 2 screensaver settings: day and night.
* Select between 4 ambient music tracks.
* Turn off satellite/planet animations.
* Change between day and night on desktop.

Lunar Landscape Screensaver offers a spectacular view of our Moon, which is arguably the most beautiful world in our Solar System. High-resolution graphics allow you to see every detail of the moon’s surface.
The Moon orbits around the Earth every 27 days and its orbit ranges from about 50 million miles away to as little as 26,000 miles away. This screensaver helps you watch the Moon as it orbits Earth and even shows its effect on our weather, tides, and even on the tides of the oceans.
For the ultimate effect, you can also start it without the satellite views. No need to load your computer with ten gigabytes of graphics data – simply let it load the whole Moon in less than a minute and enjoy your full HD desktop with magnificent views of our small but mighty neighbor.
KEYMACRO Description:
* Choose the “Moon” or “Moon + Satellites” modes.
* Choose between two Moon orbits: “day” and “night” modes.
* Choose between four music tracks.
* Turn off satellite/planet animations.
* Change between day and night on desktop.

Mars Landscape Screensaver offers an amazing view of the Red Planet as it looks like from the Earth. High-resolution graphics are the best that can be offered with desktop HD video.
The distance between the Earth and Mars is about 1.5 million miles. The size of Mars is about one-third that of Earth. The surface of Mars is made up of red rocky material that changes its appearance every time it is hit by the sun’s rays and reflects the color in a different way.
The atmosphere of Mars is thinner than that of Earth but contains enough gas to support plants and some life. The planet has an interesting geology – tectonic plate movements lead to volcanoes and other peculiarities.
KEYMACRO Description:
* Choose the “Mars” or “Mars + Satellites” modes.
* Choose between two Mars orbits: “day” and “night” modes.
* Choose between four music tracks.
* Turn off satellite/planet animations.
* Change between day and night on desktop.

Galaxy Landscape Screensaver offers a unique view of the Universe, offering to its visitors a breathtaking view of our

Earth 3D Space Survey Screensaver 1.01.4 With Full Keygen For Windows

Decorate your screen with fascinating views of Planet Earth, the third planet from the Sun and the largest of the terrestrial planets in our Solar System. Home to millions of species, including humans, Earth is the only place in the universe where life is known to exist.
Let yourself immerse into the Earth’s orbit and watch highly realistic and astronomically accurate space scenes. Enjoy the animated day and night change across the amazing landscapes. Look at the magical night city lights at the night side. Follow up the bright Sun reflection on the Ocean surface.
Launch this screensaver and amaze your friends by dramatically realistic Earth views and vivid space scenery, complete with beautiful ambient music.
– Amazingly realistic views of Earth from the ISS
– Animated day and night cycle across the surface of the planet.
– Beautifully rendered landscape.
– Amazing 3D effects.
– Bright and dynamic light and shadow effects.
– Improved 3D rendering of space scenes.
– Bright, high-resolution and sharp images.
– Music playing in your system.
– Windows XP support.
– Full screen mode.
– Supports most screens resolutions: 1024×768, 800×600, 640×480.
– Supports most video cards (including ATI)
Download the demo version free now:

The Animated Scenery of the Earth

Earth in all its beauty and its majesty is like a great painting. We all have our favourite parts of this Earth. This is my pick top 10 things that we can see only on Earth:
1. The Atmosphere: It’s a mystery and it is also the source of our air.
2. The Ocean: The Ocean covers 72% of the Earth’s land surface.
3. Luxuriant Plants: Plants have a big role in our life and if there were no plants, we would have no food.
4. The Air: Breathe it in, breathe it out!
5. The Stars: In the night sky, they are the main attractions, and the best resource for research.
6. The Moon: It is the only natural satellite of the Earth.
7. The Sun: It’s the energy that keeps the Earth active.
8. The Wind: It always blows somewhere, on the land or at the water.
9. The Rain: It cleans our environment.
10. The Clouds:

What’s New in the Earth 3D Space Survey Screensaver?

Now you can experience the warm radiance of an Earth sunset from above! Cool, moist ocean surface will mesmerize you. Tropical sea life swarms in the shallow lagoons. If you never have seen the Earth from space, you will see it for the first time.
Gigantic 3D graphics of our planet Earth. Feel like an astronaut. Relax and be at the same time to the mystical influence of cosmic rays, subspace radio waves and spectacular atmospheric glow. See how the world has been during the past 50 million years. Look at the phenomena of formation and destruction of continents and oceans.
What can be seen in the 3D view of the Earth?
You will see:
– The Ocean floor
– Mountains
– Forests
– Lakes
– Meandering rivers
– Caves
– Volcano
– Land cliffs
– Tides
– The Earth crust
– Mountain ranges
– Mountains
– Continent lines
You will see:
– Dark night at a beautiful starry sky
– The Moon
– The Sun
– Lightning
– Clouds
– Clouds cover the Earth
– Atmospheric glow
– Radiance of the atmosphere
– Night clouds
– Aurora
– Meteor showers
– The Milky Way
– The Milky Way
– The Earth atmosphere
– Ocean waves
– Storms
– Wind
– A beautiful sunset
– The Midnight Sun
– The Milky Way
– Sunset over the ocean
– Shorelines
– The waves of the sea
– The island
– The sun glinting off water
– The evening glow
– The green mountains
– The terrain
– The City
You will hear:
– Waves
– Waterfall
– The wind
– Thunder
– Wind gust
– The Moon
– Rain
– Ocean swell
– Ocean surface
– The sound of rain
– Thunder
– The waves
– The rainfall
– The thunder
– Snow
– The water of rivers
You will see, hear and feel:
– The planet Earth from space
– The beautiful atmosphere of the planet
– The night on Earth
– The glow of the stars
– The Earth atmosphere
– The day on Earth
– The midnight sun
– The beauty of the Earth
– The colorful lights of the stars
– The Milky Way
– The day and the night on the Earth
– Ocean waves
– The ocean surface
– Ocean currents
– Storms
– Lightning
– Clouds
– Rain
– Clouds cover the Earth
– Rain
– The wind
– Storms
– Thunder
– The waves of the sea
– The night on the Earth
– The moon
– Tides
– Tides
– Ocean waves
– Shorelines
– Shorelines
– Shorelines
You will see, hear and feel:
– The Planet Earth from space
– The


System Requirements For Earth 3D Space Survey Screensaver:

Requires the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, one disc and one disc connector cable and power supply.
Playstation®3 system, Wi-Fi and PlayStation®Network Account required for multiplayer.
Online features require an Internet connection.
Game Center features require a game center account.
A PlayStation®Network account and accepted PSN credentials are required to use online play.
Online features may require acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.
System limitations:
A maximum of two players can play together locally.


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