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The Isg WinCommand application was designed to be an advanced Windows command line tool. The idea of Isg WinCommand was to combine the possibilities of a command prompt (DOS prompt) with the main possibilities of a file manager like changing directories or launching programs by mouseclick!
Isg WinCommand addresses all Windows users who know the main DOS commands and like to use a command line but also always see the disadvantages of pure command lines like the DOS box supplied by Windows, for example directory names have to be fully entered to change directories with a CD command.
It would be much more comfortable to also habe the possibility of changing into the directory by mouse and then to work on with typed commands. That is one enhancement that Isg WinCommand provides.
One disadvantage of command windows like the standard DOS-Box of Windows is, that you just see a limited page and are not able to scroll, for example a filelist generated by the DIR command. That forced you to use parameters like /W or /P after the DIR command or to use the ” | more” extension.
In Isg WinCommand the results of the DIR-command are shown in the File Listbox on the right. You can scroll up and down and select a file to launch or to paste it’s name into the command line (using the “#”-key).
Yet Isg WinCommand is not meant to replace a file manager, but it’s an extension of your possibilites. Isg WinCommand doesn’t support many file manager’s features like file icons, multi-select etc., but you can always open a Windows Explorer Window of the current directory by clicking on the “Explore” SpeedButton. With the “Explorer”-SpeedButton you can launch Windows Explorer in it’s “tree version”.


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Isg WinCommand is an additional command window in which you can run DOS commands like “dir”, “cd”, “more” and many other commandlines. It has a File List Box that shows the results of the command lines that you enter. You can easily navigate and view and select files to run, run or copy and paste them into a DOS Command Line.
It should be noted that Isg WinCommand is not a replacement for a real DOS command line, but an additional commandline in the Windows Command Window.
Thanks to many users for their support and ideas during the development process.
*Directory listing
*Command line containing “dir”, “cd”, “more”, “cd.bat” and “more.bat” commands
*Separate input and output areas
*Supports batch processing
*Runs like a real command window
*Navigates in DOS command line like a file manager with “cd” and “more” commands
*Runs like a real DOS command line (writes into the command window)
*Advanced syntax for the DIR command
*Creates a temp. file for each command
*Supports volume control
*Supports non-English locales
*Supports English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Brazilian Locales
*Supports Chinese, Japanese and Russian locales
*Can open any folder by “cd”
*Supports “cd.bat” and “more.bat” commands
*Supports batch processing
*Supports mouse clicking
*Supports ISG-Commands:
A: Allow_Others Allow mouse clicking
O: All allow mouse clicking (common ISG)
B: Block Allow mouse clicking
U: Unblock mouse clicking
E: Edit Allow mouse clicking
R: Replace Cancel mouse clicking
T: Toggle Allow mouse clicking
C: Copy from Allow mouse clicking
V: Paste from Allow mouse clicking
X: Select Cancel mouse clicking
Z: Select Cancel mouse clicking
d: Delete Cancel mouse clicking
m: Move Cancel mouse clicking
u: Upload Cancel mouse clicking
i: Launch from Filemanager Cancel mouse clicking
x: Copy from Filemanager Cancel mouse clicking
t: Paste into Filemanager Cancel mouse clicking
n: Paste into from the clipboard Cancel mouse clicking
h: Go to the Help Cancel mouse clicking
c: Cancel mouse clicking
v: Volume +2Cancel mouse clicking
-: Volume -2Cancel mouse clicking

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^a Align the selection to the left border of the File Listbox
^b Align the selection to the right border of the File Listbox
^c Bring the selection into the command line (Useful for DIR, CMD, COPY, DEL etc.)
^d Delimit the selection to the right border of the File Listbox
^f Focus the File Listbox
^g Bring the selection into the command line (Useful for DIR, CMD, COPY, DEL etc.)
^h Enter an empty comment in the command line
^i Align the cursor to the right border of the File Listbox
^j Align the cursor to the left border of the File Listbox
^l Display the command line in the statusbar
^r Scroll to the right position of the File Listbox
^s Scroll to the left position of the File Listbox
^t Use the next command line to create a new entry
^u Use the previous command line to create a new entry
^v Scroll to the end of the command line
^w Align the cursor to the beginning of the command line
^x Scroll to the beginning of the command line
^y Delete the last command line (If you want to use the command line a few times without starting a new entry every time)
^z Mousewheel up/down for scrolling up/down of the File Listbox
^0 Mousewheel right/left for scrolling right/left of the File Listbox

Isg WinCommand.chm-file 1.1 (2011-01-03)
ISG WinCommand – “Command Line” for Windows
by Klaus Frühauf
New in this Version:
# New: Added the possibility to use the file manager
# Explorer as input for the command line
# New: Improved the File ListBox with an
# additional ViewMode
# New: Added support for opening
# explorer.exe (Windows Explorer) in tree version
# New: Displaying the last executed
# command in the statusbar
# Bugfix: The character value
# of the Statusbar-Text was corrected
# Bugfix: The value of the
# IsgWinCommand-Switch

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Isg WinCommand is an advanced command line application which acts as a file manager.
The program is based on the command line of the standard Windows command prompt.
It features a File Listbox on the right side to show all currently loaded files.
The user can select a file name to launch or copy with the mouse or paste it into the command line.
Command line parameters are processed in the command prompt, which also allows you to write output into the DOS-Box.
Isg WinCommand has been made with the idea to make a comfortable way to work with files and directories.
The File Listbox and the File-Listbox’s scrollbar are separated from the rest of the DOS box, which allows you to use the File-Listbox even on a large screen.
Also the File-Listbox can be changed to a default listbox, which is used by default if you use the default file listbox.
As of Windows 10, Isg WinCommand is required to work with Unicode Characters! Isg WinCommand Version 4.18.04 supports the latest Windows 10!

What’s New in Version

Added support for writing Unicode-Characters into the command line
Changed the “size”-parameter of the Isg WinCommand.exe to “Unicode”
Now you can use the “\?” as switch for the “help”-command
Added support for the “more”-extension for the File Listbox
Fixed a bug that caused the File-Listbox to not be displayed if you were using the Windows 8/8.1 or Windows Server 2012 OS
Added new command line parameters for the Quick-Show-Menu
Added New Switch Parameters for the “Explore” SpeedButton

What’s New in Version

Added new Switch Parameters for the “Explore” SpeedButton
Changed the parameter for the “Save” and “Exit”-button
Added Support for Windows 8/8.1
Added support for ISG WinCommand Version 3.16.01
Now you can use the “\?” as Switch parameter
Added support for Windows Server 2012
Fixed a bug that caused the File-Listbox to not be displayed if you were using the Windows 8/8.1 or Windows Server 2012 OS
Fixed a bug that caused the File-Listbox to not be displayed if you were using the Windows 8/8.1 or Windows Server 2012 OS
Fixed a bug

What’s New in the?

Isg WinCommand offers all main features of command lines, but you don’t see the DOS box. It has an enhanced directory browser with changing directories, viewing files and launching applications by mouseclick, with mouse up you can copy files and past them into the command line.
Using the standard Windows file explorer you can open an explorer window to the directory you’re working on with your special Isg WinCommand.

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Nvidia® GeForce GTX 760 or better
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Dell PC and Mac systems


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