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MSChat is a multi subnets chat.
Here are some key features of “MSChat”:
■ Does not require installation, easy to setup.
■ Does not require chat server, works directly with clients.
■ Works with clients in different network segments.
■ Posts Public Messages to the message board, sets timers for reminders.
■ Sends Private Messages to the selected contact.
■ Stores chat history.
■ Starts automatically with windows.
■ Minimizes to system tray.
■ Shows Popup Notification upon incoming events.







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MSChat is a multi subnets chat.
MSChat is written in Delphi 7.
Minimum Required Speed to Send / Receive Messages:
As long as your server can transmit TCP/IP data at the speed of 9K or less, it should be able to work with MSChat.
The default connection settings on our server are:
TCP / IP : (MSCHatServer.exe)
Port : 50000 – (MSChat.exe)
Flow Control : Enabled (MSChat.exe)
No. of TCP/IP Streams : 0 (MSChat.exe)
Port Range: *
Other information: MSChat.exe uses Delphi 7.
Please check your settings and try to transmit messages as fast as possible.
Other Information:
MSChat Version 1.0.0 is licensed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.
MSChat is included in each basic and advanced version of MSN Messenger.
You must own MSN Messenger prior to installing MSChat.
MSChat uses the MultiSubnets utility.
Send a bug report via E-mail:
Email Address: mschat@gmx.de
Please send me the information about MSChat that you want to see in my software.
Are you using MSN Chat? What is your software version?
I hope you like MSChat and your download was successful.
The download contains the installer. Just unzip it, run the setup, and follow the onscreen instructions.
Useful Links:
Please go to for further information.
Thank you for using MSChat.
Have fun and we hope you will enjoy using it.
My Copyright:
Copyright (c) 2006 – 2007 by André Ewald – André Ewald Software GmbH.
All rights reserved.
Developers: For Software Users:
All your problems are solved. The software is safe and full of useful features.
If you don’t want to solve your problems yourself, just pay for a feature that you want and I will solve them for you.
For Information about the software:
mschat.de (in german)
“Как работает” (in russian)
Авторская отчет д

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KeyMactro is an advanced Macro auto-executable application.
In addition, KeyMactro incorporates the ability to edit and store macros.
It is a free and handy replacement for “AutoHotkey” – the best and only way to make macros
and rules for repetitive actions on Windows.
■ Automatically detects user input on keystrokes.
■ Allows you to change Windows key bindings.
■ Supports multi-line comments in many languages.
■ Allows you to execute programs after defined macros.
■ Supports multiple programming languages: Visual Basic, Visual C, Delphi and
Windows Scripting.
To run your own programming language, the “MSChat Free Download” module, you will need
a text editor that allows you to write macros.
Some text editors for Windows are:
■ Notepad
■ BBEdit
■ Notepad++
■ Ace editor
■ Wordpad
■ Paint
■ Word
■ Code Editor
■ Note pad
■ NotePad++
■ Ultraedit
■ Preceding software is not included in the price.
For the older versions of this software, we offer upgrades for $29.95.
We do not offer upgrades for the new version.
I’m looking for some others but please send your comments to the e-mail address above.

Best Regards,
Mats Lundin
Tel:+44 61 845 1234
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Best Regards,
Mats Lundin
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MSChat is a chat program for all Microsoft Windows operating systems.
As well as a pre-packaged chat system, its own code base allows for
various extensions to the application (for example, chat server,
interactive texts, emoticons, etc).
MSChat is designed to run directly on user’s Windows desktop. It
automatically runs in the system tray when the computer is on.
Note: When running as a dialog box with the “New-MSChat” switch,
MSChat requires access to the standard Windows registry keys.


For MSChat 1.6x and earlier:

MSChat 1.6x is a terminal chat client for Microsoft Windows. It includes a
Minimized Popup Notifier.
MSChat 1.6x is not a Chat Server and works directly with Windows clients
like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

MSChat requires that the Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsie
nt Software\MSChat\CurrentVersion be set to 1.5x, otherwise MSChat will not

– Install the MSChat 1.6x and its Minimized Popup Notifier.
– Copy the ChatScript.cs and the ChatScript_1.5x.wsf to a new folder on your

– Make the Minimized Popup Notifier start automatically when you start Windows.
If you already have the “New-MSChat” dialog box (for example, the DialogBox.
exe from the WinCode Demos) make sure you set the “Minimized” value in the Dialog
Box Properties.
If you do not have the “New-MSChat” dialog box, make sure you make the Minimized
Popup Notifier start automatically when you start Windows.

– If you have the “New-MSChat” dialog box, open it and select the Minimized Popup
If you do not have the “New-MSChat” dialog box, you can follow the steps in the

* Note: If you do not have the Minimized Popup Notifier, and want to use it
with MSChat 1.6x, you need to add a registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE

What’s New In?

Q. Can I use MSChat on a Windows 2003 network?
Yes, MSChat supports Windows 2003 machines.


System Requirements For MSChat:

Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Intel Pentium® (2.5GHz+) or AMD Athlon™ 64 processor
256MB RAM (1GB recommended)
5.1GB of available hard-disk space
30MB of available video RAM
DirectX® 9 graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support
DirectX® 9-compatible sound card
Internet connection
HDMI-compatible video output device
Input devices (mouse, keyboard)


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