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Our Work

Our Work

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Client Testimonials

Nothing Bundt Cake franchisee / Sage Crew Investments, LLC
“Gina and the entire Identicom team were SO GREAT to work with! Everyone involved was incredibly responsive, gracious and over-the-top helpful. Top that off with a great product, and that’s a recipe for stress-free success. I wouldn’t use anyone else in the future. Great job guys, and thanks so much!”
“IdentiCom provided excellent customer service, were very prompt and professional. I would definitely use them again for future signage needs.”
Nothing Bundt Cake Franchisee / Director of Development
“Just wanted to thank you for being you! Lots of Franchisees have commented on how great you are to work with.”

“IdentiCom has been our national sign supplier since it’s inception. We selected them based on our previous experience with the owner, John DiNunzio. Prior to starting IdentiCom, John took the lead in aiding us in developing our national sign packages including material selections and shop drawings. Subsequently he was instrumental in our design change to LED lit signs. He and his associates have consistently completed our projects in a timely and professional manner. In fact, in completing code research for us they were able to increase our signage on several remodel projects.”


– Tom Jablonski /Director of Facilities at Big Boy Restaurants, Intl

“I was looking for a turn-key sign company and IdentiCom has been exactly that. Easy to work with, competitively priced and taking care of the whole process is what I like most about IdentiCom.” – Sam Hishmeh President Hishmeh Enterprises, Inc.
“we Have used IdentiCom Signs for our last two store builds. I had heard at the recent Domino’s meeting that signage was an issue. IdentiCom made everything easy. They were responsive to my needs got the signs installed on time and at a great price. We are building more stores and they are at the top of the list for sign vendors. – D. Craig Turner Franchisee
“I and TeamUSA has been successfully working with IdentiCom over the past year on 70+ signage projects. John and his team helped Domino’s analyze our sign specification which ultimately led to material changes on the signage specification of the brand. His team is very responsive and provide high levels of service to me and my people. I would be happy to recommend IdentiCom to any franchisee interested in a new vendor.” – Leo Betz Manager – Corp. Real Estate & Construction Domino’s Pizza LLC

“So far your company has done two stores including a very nice pole sign conversion and now we have 7 more in progress. i am happy with the work and your responsiveness. I am happy to recommend you to my fellow franchisees.” Robert Gavitt G4 Mgmt Ltd.


IdentiCom Sign Solutions has been an incredible addition to the Domino’s Pizza sign program. They played a key role in helping us to improve the quality of our signs by value engineering the ingredients that we put into our signs. As a result, we are now using the most cost effective end product for our stores and our franchisees. I encourage you to consider giving them a shot on your next sign project.” – Tobin Northway Finance Facilities Domino’s LLC
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