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The Importance of a First Impression – Signs.

Let’s imagine you are on a road trip coming back from vacation and you are hungry. You are in an unknown area and your stomach is grumbling. What is the first thing you do? I know what I do, I look for a sign. I look to see what City I am in and I Google search for “Restaurants near me.” I look for street signs with logos of restaurants indicating how many miles until there is an exit for food. Once I find where my stomach wants to lead me, I look for another sign. “Big Boy’s Restaurant” a glowing Illuminated pylon sign, standing tall in the air staring down at me and then I see a giant big boy holding a plate full of burger goodness.  I whiz off the highway drooling like a raging hungry wolf and veer onto the next exit. The sign gets closer in view and finally, I have arrived. Park it. Time to dig in.

Big Boys, Marysville 002

Based on studies & statistics developed by The New York State Small Business  Development Center –

46% of people who are driven to your business, were driven there by your sign. 

35% knew of your business because they saw it while passing by.

Signs are a silent sales representative of your business. Exterior signs draw attention to your business, establish brand identity and can assist customers in navigation.

First Impressions Count. The design, look & feel of your sign in imperative to representing your company.

Maintenance is also an important part of the representation of your sign. If a bulb burns out, or colors fade on your sign – This can create a lack of appeal to outside potential customers.

More than any other form of advertisement, your sign has the best return on investment.

Did you know? 

•  That more than 35% of your customers likely saw your company from driving by?

• That more than 46% of your customers were drawn to your business because of your sign?

• On average, one additional on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales revenue of 4.75%.

• When new signage was added on a previously unsigned side of a business – the company sales increased from 2.5% to 7.1%

These Studies were referred from a handbook developed by

The New York State Small Business Development Center


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