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John DiNunzio

John DiNunzio

President & Owner
Our business experience should be encompass everything. This includes ads, sales promotions, social media, your website & your signage. In this advancing digital age, signage is often an overlook aspect of the retail experience and ever we’re here for that!.
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    24657 Halsted Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48335
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Diversity Experience

John DiNunzio is the founder of IdentiCom Sign Solutions which started in 2009. With over 35 years’ experience. John has worked in all aspects of the sign industry which began in 1980 with a large national sign company.

Mr. DiNunzio leads the company, managing day-to-day operations, as well as directing customer signage and branding solutions. John works closely with the sales team, program managers and production process. He also sets up partner arrangements with strategic vendors for the support of customer initiatives. John strategies in customer centric ideologies and implementation has strengthen IdentiCom’s position as one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States and a leader in the sign industry.

My Skills

Sample Preparation 85%
Remodeling 75%
Logo Design 92%
Marketing 70%

Education & Qualifications


University of Defgtion, Fecat Complete ME of Synage

Career Start

After Complete Engineer Join HU Signage Ltd as a Flex Supervisor


About 20 Years of Experience and Professional in Signage.

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