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X-SharkTorrent 2.0.6 Crack [Win/Mac]


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Download · DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






X-SharkTorrent 2.0.6 With Product Key [Win/Mac]

Download torrents right from the terminal! Download any.torrent file from the command line and enjoy downloading it. X-SharkTorrent is an award-winning tool for downloading torrents and other files from the command line. This small application is all you need to get any.torrent file you have to transfer in a matter of minutes. X-SharkTorrent has a friendly interface, making it easy to use.

X-SharkTorrent Features:

X-SharkTorrent is a.torrent file downloader

X-SharkTorrent can download any.torrent file from the command line

X-SharkTorrent is developed using C++ and GTK+ 2.x (GNOME)

X-SharkTorrent supports any GTK+ 2.x (GNOME) compliant.torrent downloader such as Nautilus or Deluge

X-SharkTorrent supports any.torrent file type

X-SharkTorrent downloads torrents from the command line

Download files in a simple command-line manner

Download torrents with the given download locations

Download torrents from any.torrent files you have in your computer

X-SharkTorrent features a friendly interface

X-SharkTorrent features a simple command-line interface

X-SharkTorrent supports any.torrent files you have in your computer

X-SharkTorrent features a simple command-line interface

Search for any.torrent file on your computer

Search for a.torrent file by its name, add to the queue, and start downloading it

Set download locations for your.torrent files

Download.torrent files from the command line in a friendly interface

Powerful command-line functionality

X-SharkTorrent is simple to use, yet powerful

Download.torrent files

Download torrents in a simple command-line interface

The program’s interface is easy to use, and thanks to a friendly command-line interface, it’s easy to use. This cool feature lets you download torrent files from any given.torrent file you have. In order to use X-SharkTorrent you need to have downloaded the.torrent file with the extension.torrent to your computer. Downloading torrent files is as simple as executing a terminal command:

If you are new to torrent files, and you have no idea what they

X-SharkTorrent 2.0.6 Crack +

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X-SharkTorrent 2.0.6 Crack+

Get a list of all ongoing processes in your PC with X-SharkTorrent.

The application provides you with a list of all active processes.

Take charge of your PC with the help of X-SharkTorrent.

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X-SharkTorrent is a very easy-to-use tool that you can use. It will allow you to monitor your running processes. This is a tool that will allow you to monitor the running processes on your computer. You will be able to monitor all your processes. You can get a list of running processes. You can get a

What’s New in the?

Quick download and sending applications through the most effective and safe P2P network available. Create, share, and send files in minutes.
What’s new in this version:
Added new feature of using X-Shark to filter and find torrents.
View and stop multiple file transfers at once.
A new icon is added to right click the desktop.
Version 1.1.8:
Added menu for settings.
Fixed a bug in the installer.
Removed autostart registry key.
Removed usage of notepad for configuration.
Removed a bug in the installer.
Changed the icon in the main window.

***Download the ZIP file, unzip it and enjoy!***
New Version!
First, we need to introduce our amazing new main window. No more boring, simple, dark and monotone. We have changed to a beautiful new interface with a lot of new and cool features.
Here are some of the coolest features of this new version:
New main window
“Favorite Items” section
“View” tab in “Peers” section
“Set Connection Settings” section
“Download Speed” setting for “My download speeds”
All torrents are now grouped
Added “Download selected items” setting
Added “Maximum transfers” setting
Download speed is now shown
Download speed is shown for BitTorrent, Vuze and Deluge
“Stop” and “Pause” now work correctly
Added a “Close” button to the main window
Added a status bar
Added an icon in the tray for “Windows 8/8.1”
Improved settings dialog (now in tabbed view)
Improved speed/connection progress dialog
Improved the speed, pause and stop dialogs
Reworked “Deluge” settings dialog
Added a restart button to the Settings dialog
Added a “Change Theme” button to Settings dialog
Added a “Connections” section to Settings dialog
Added a “Show Advanced Settings” button to Settings dialog
Added “New torrent in background” option
Added a “Request to join” section to Settings dialog
Added “Pause when torrent is stopped” option
Added a “Skip to…” option to torrent details
Added “Skip to…” option to torrent search
Improved “Change Theme” dialog
Added “Open destination folder” option
Added “Send command to tracker…” option
Improved “Torrent details” dialog
Updated the tray icon to a new design
Updated the icons in settings and in the “New torrent” dialog
Updated to keep compatibility with Windows 8/8.1
Improved “Terminate on close” dialog
Improved “Update & auto-update” dialog
Removed tabbed settings dialog
Removed “Check for updates” in “Settings” dialog
Changed name of Deluge setting in Settings dialog
Added auto-update check to Settings dialog
Changed the icon in “View


System Requirements For X-SharkTorrent:

●Windows 7
●Windows 8
The following system requirements are designed for the Samsung Galaxy S7. We can not guarantee that the app will run correctly on all Android devices, but we have tested and validated this app on all Samsung Galaxy S7 devices.
●Android 5.0 or later
●2 GB of RAM
●3 GB of internal storage
●1,700mAh battery or higher
●Internet connection required
Pre-Registration is required in order to access the full version of the app.



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